About Smitsair Air-treatment Technology

Smitsair Air-treatment Technology was founded in 1917 as a simple smithy, and over the years has grown into a modern business with an advanced range of machinery specialising in sheet-metal products for air-treatment technology.
From our factory in Uithoorn, we carry out the following activities:

Our factory in Uithoorn is engaged in the following operations:

  • Sales, production and engineering of:
    • Products for air distribution (see Catalogue)
    • sheet-metal work made to order for third parties
    • air distribution and jet-driven air-distribution systems, the Smitsair JET System


Our approach is


  • Giving technical advice
  • Providing solutions
  • Meeting agreements
  • Special is considered business as usual


The result for you is: tailor-made quality


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Contact Information

Smitsair B.V. 
Industrieweg 6
The Netherlands
Tel.  +31 297 564455