Ventilation ducting (projects)

Smitsair has now been fabricating ventilation ducts for over 50 years. In addition to production and
engineering, our expert SCC-certified engineers will also install the finished product if you require.


We produce and fit ventilation ducting in various models. The standard is Sendzimir galvanised steel.
We also make aluminium ventilation ducts for shipbuilding, for example, or stainless-steel ventilation ducts
for the foodstuffs industry.


  • Standard air ducts in line with Luka norm
  • Manufactured from Sendzimir zinc-coated steel (standard), aluminium, or stainless steel
  • Many versions possible, including:
    • pop-riveted air ducts
    • thicker materials up to 5 mm
    • fully welded
    • internal or external sleeve connection
    • etc., etc.
  • thermally or acoustically insulated
  • powder-coated in RAL colour

If you require it, we'll also take care of dimensioning, assembly and project management.
If that's the case, please contact our project department.



Examples of Smitsair air ducts

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