Distribution hubs

In warehouses and distribution hubs with often very high shelving, it is a challenge to create a homogenous climate. Our ventilation ancillaries are ideally suited to ensure the (heated or cooled) air reaches between the shelving, where the need is the greatest. The vertical temperature differential is negligible. And transitional spaces, such as roller doors or loading bays, are also given special attention.

A few references of air heating in warehouses / distribution hubs;

  • Dobo Logic (click here (Dutch) for further information about this project)
  • Plieger (click here (Dutch) for further information about this project)
  • PostNL
  • UPS
  • CEVA
  • Schenker
  • Christian Salvesen
  • Simon Loos
  • Ahold
Distribution hub DOBO Tilburg
Warehouses Simon Loos
Warehouse Strootman Chocolade
Distribution hub Plieger Zaltbommel
Distribution hub UPS Roermond

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