Industrial air curtain/air door

The type SDZ air curtain is ideal for blowing air against industrial external doors to minimise infiltration. Combined with an air heater with (door) control, a vertical (warm) airflow is created along the door. The door zones compromise one or more rectangular ducts; each equipped with type SJG adjustable plastic induction Jets. Depending on the size and the surface area of the door, there are different types of door zone to choose from. If you require, we can create a combination of air curtain and spatial heating. We'd be delighted to inform you about the possibilities. 

  • Climate separation
  • Energy saving
  • Insect repellent
  • Suitable for interior and exterior doors
  • High comfort levels
  • SDZ air curtain / SLD air door

Examples of air curtains / air doors

Air door type SLD
Air door type SLD round version
Air door type SLD
Air curtain for stores type SLR
Air curtain type SDZ for multiple doors
SLD Greenhouses Insectprotection
Type: Omschrijving:
SDZ Industrial air curtains suitable for external doors (heating)
SLD Industrial air curtains suitable for internal doors (recirculating)

Drawings can be provided on request

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