Special air distribution

In settings that require special air distribution, the JET principle that Smitsair-JETsystemen has used over the years has proven its effectiveness beyond doubt.

A number of examples are stated below:

  • Heating, cooling and ventilation are possible using the same system
  • Long air throw up to 60 or 70 metres possible
  • The airflow can be directed very accurately, contrary to similar systems such as air hoses
  • Minimal vertical and horizontal temperature differential
  • Applicable in (very) high spaces, such als hangars, high factory units, etc.
  • Thanks to the various different types of Jets in our range, the system is ideally suited to comfort zones, such as residential units or offices. This is a great alternative to climate ceilings, for instance
  • No auxiliary fans needed
  • Low primary air volumes needed
  • Homogenous climate
  • Rapid warm-up times
  • Very favourable acoustic properties
  • Suitable for both induction and displacement, making it very suitable for the extraction of welding fumes, for instance
  • BaOpt compatible

Examples of special air distribution

ducts in Stainless Steel with Jets type SJ3
Displacement diffuser with Jets
Plenum for a filtration unit
Special supply- and exhaust plenums
Air displacement through fire place
Front desk with displacement grilles

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