Volume control valves

Smitsair B.V. Volume control valves are specifically designed for controlling air volumes,
mixing airflows and/or sealing off airflows.
Our valve housings are suitable for mounting on or in ventilation ducts, against an outer wall recess,
or combined with and mounted behind our ventilation grilles.


Our valve housings are tested for airtightness in line with NEN-EN 1751. 
According to this test, all our valve housings are classified as airtightness Class C.
A large number of them are even classified as airtightness Class D. (see our documentation pg.79)

EIA subsidy

EIA subsidy may be obtained for air-duct systems that meet at least Class C requirements.
A subsidy may be applied for both new- and renovation projects, up to a maximum of € 10 per m² floor space.


Examples of Volume control valves

Controle valve Description:
JKG-1 Volume control valve (equal-rotating)
JKK-2 Volume control valve (counter-rotating)
JKK-4 Volume control valve (counter-rotating), airtightness Class 4 (NEN-EN 1751)
Round controle valve Description:
RK-1 Round manual volume control valve (insert)
RK-2 Round manual volume control valve (surface mounted)
RKM-1 Round motorized volume control valve (insert)
RKM-2 Round motorized volume control valve (surface mounted)
Non-return valve Description:
ZK-1 Non-return, Self-closing valve (insert)
ZK-2 Non-return, Self-closing valve (flush mounted)


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