Nozzle plenum

Our SW and SRD plenums are suitable for cooling, heating or ventilating medium-to-large rooms. These 360º ventilating plenums are fitted with plastic jet nozzles and can supply an entire room with conditioned air thanks to their impressive throw and centralised design. They can be connected directly to an air heating unit (AHU), reducing the amount of ducting required. So a pleasant indoor climate can be created at relatively low cost and without the need for auxiliary fans.

With expansion zones and a compartmentalised design, our plenums can supply heated or cooled air at variable rates. Meaning that the air throw is always optimised to ensure a homogenous climate. Our plenums are ideal for events halls, sports halls, distribution centres, warehouses, swimming pools, factories and many other locations.

  • Low pre-pressure requirement
  • Large throw possible
  • High comfort levels
  • Cooling/heating with the same plenum
  • Minimal ductwork required
  • Available in any RAL colour