About us

How we started

In 1917, Mr Smit opened a smithy, where he forged steel for a wide variety of purposes. ‘Smit the smith’ (was there ever a more apt name?) quickly became synonymous with quality and outstanding customer service. He was followed by several generations of the Smit family, who continued to forge the family business. Always staying true to their founder’s principles.

Steady growth

The Smit family has never tried to hide how ambitious they are. Over the years, various enterprises have been added to the parent company. A century of acquired skill and expertise form the foundations of the company we are today. And now we are adding a new chapter to this success story, by joining the SCHAKO Group.


Everyone who does business with Smitsair knows they are dealing with a dependable, skilled and experienced partner. And that reputation is not confined to the Netherlands: we are increasingly active in other countries. The SCHAKO Group’s network and strength will further reinforce Smitsair’s market position, and will help us realise our international ambitions.

Ready for tomorrow

In a dynamic world where our customers’ needs are constantly evolving, we are committed to continuous product refinement, innovation and market development. Smitsair’s expertise and market position make the company a valuable addition to the SCHAKO Group. With our qualities allied to the network and strength of the SCHAKO Group, we’ll be set for the next hundred years.


Smitsair becomes part of the SCHAKO Group

Focus on the design and manufacture of jet systems and components for air-conditioning systems.

Foundation of Smitsair Jet Systems

Luchttechniek Zwolle is incorporated into Smitsair

Luchttechniek Haarlem is incorporated into Smitsair. Smitsair takes over Luchttechniek Haarlem

Smitsair takes over Luchttechniek Zwolle

Smitsair moves into its current offices and factory in Uithoorn

Focus on the manufacture and installation of air and smoke ducts

The Smitsair forge opens in Amsterdam