Bespoke air distribution

Sometimes, only a bespoke air distribution system will do. Our flexible mentality, innovative attitude and years of experience ensure that we always find a suitable solution for every space. As we’ve shown time and again down the years.

  • Heating, cooling and ventilation with the same system
  • Air throws of up to 60 or 70 metres
  • Precise directional airflow adjustment (in contrast to air hoses, for example)
  • Minimal vertical and horizontal temperature differentials
  • Suitable for (very) high spaces such as hangars and factories
  • Various jet types available, making our systems ideal for use in homes and offices — a great alternative to climate ceilings, for instance
  • No auxiliary fans needed
  • Low primary air volume needed
  • Homogenous climate
  • Short warm-up time
  • Good acoustic properties

Suitable for both induction and displacement — great for welding-fume extraction and similar applications