Ceiling grille

The type SPP induction ceiling grille is specially developed for air supply via system ceilings with a profile distance of 60x60 cm. Areas of application are spaces in the comfort sector, such as offices, stores, school classrooms with ceiling heights up to ca. 4 metres, The principle is based on horizontal ventilation of the conditioned air, with the air being thrown over a relatively large distance where necessary. The air-supply element is made up of a 6-sided throw "mini" plenum, equipped with 1 or 2 rows of type SJ3 plastic induction Jets, fitted in induction grilles. The ventilation direction of the Jets is easily adjusted by hand.


  • Only a few ceiling grilles required
  • Very favourable acoustic properties
  • Inducting
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation from the same grille
  • Comfort
  • Appealing design
  • Available in all RAL colours
  • BaOpt compatible

Examples of ceiling grilles

Ceiling grille type SPP
SPP applied in an office space
SPP plenum applied in a canteen

Type: Description:
SPP 630.1 Hexagonal ventilation plenum with 1 row of type SJ3 Jets, suitable for system ceiling 600x600 mm
SPP 654.2 Hexagonal ventilation plenum with 2 rows of type SJ3 Jets, suitable for system ceiling 600x600 mm

*Dimensions and air volumes other than in the documentation will be calculated on request.

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