• Ventilatieroosters - Ventilation grilles
  • Dakkappen - Roof cowling
  • Regelkleppen - Controle valves

Catalog products

Smitsair produces products for ventilation technology in its own factory. In our catalog you can choose from the various products we manufacture Almost every size and material type is possible, ask our specialists at the sales department. 


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Custom sheet-metal products

In addition to developing and manufacturing our own products, other firms also employ our extensive range of machinery. Depending on the client, our involvement could be anything from just an idea or a drawing right up to a finished product.


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Ventilation ducting (projects) 

Smitsair has been fabricating ventilation ducts for over 50 years. In addition to production and engineering, our expert SCC-certified engineers will also install the finished product if you require.

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The power of Smitsair Air-treatment Technology

Advanced range of machinery

Smitsair Air-treatment Technology was founded in 1917 as a simple smithy, and over the years has grown into a modern business with an advanced range of machinery specialising in sheet-metal products for air-treatment technology.

Special is business as usual for us

Commission us to take care of the production, engineering and assembly of: your air-distribution products, custom sheet-metal products, and jet-driven air-distribution systems. Special is business as usual for us.

Quality at any size

We provide technical advice, offer solutions, produce to your requirements and meet our agreements. The result for you is: tailor-made quality. Want to know more about our approach? Just drop us a line via our contact page.

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