High-induction grilles with JET ventilation nozzles

Smitsair-JETsystemen has acquired very extensive experience in the field of air and ventilation technology. The basis for the system design is the innovative properties of our high-induction and highly adjustable JETS.

The benefits of our JETS include:

  • - high ventilation-air volumes at relatively low pre-pressure.
  • - the ventilation direction of the JETS can be variably adjusted by hand or using adjustment grooves. 
  • - internal deflection of the air stream in the JETS for better inflow and back pressure.
  • - negligible vertical and horizontal temperature differential in the ventilated space.
  • - very favourable acoustic properties.
  • - large throw distances of up to 70 meters are possible.
  • - both cooling and heating are possible with the same system.
  • - no auxiliary fans needed for heating.
  • - JETS available in various models and colour combinations.
  • - material of ventilation plenums and ancillaries of galvanized sheet, aluminium or stainless steel.

Thanks tour our project-based approach, a custom design is made, with technology and comfort forming the guiding principles at a very favourable price/quality ratio.

Because no building is the same, climate control can sometimes create complex situations. In order to enhance your design, Smitsair JETsystemen BV has the ability to use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. A CFD simulation is the perfect way to predict air currents and heat transfer in a space at all stages of a project. Using the most suitable software in combination with the technical features of our JETS, we can provide you with the perfect solution for any situation.

Also, in the context of Building Information Management (BIM), we follow the latest trends. Our products are therefore available as a Revit model on request. This will provide your BIM design with the right products, the right dimensions and data.

Kunststof JET nozzles SJ8
JET nozzles type SJ en SJG
CFD simulation
Revit model

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